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Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana

I have been super busy of late, lot's of weekends and late nights. I'm almost finished a mobile micro site built using Spring MVC and the latest WURFL API and I'm rather pleased with the outcome. The only issue is that WURFL is getting huge and required a Java/Tomcat heap size adjustment to avoid out of memory exceptions. Other than that double thumbs up.

The next few days are equally busy. First off is Over the Air tomorrow and Saturday, then an Open Social event on Sunday and Mobile Monday on... well... Monday, of course.

Steve and I have decided to do another fun side project like Twitlet (which we launched this time last year) but this time our focus will be Open Social as opposed to Twitter. We are both looking forward to creating something useful and innovative using the Open Social API and the latest and greatest Java ME JSRs. Watch this space.

PS - the subject of this post is a Groucho Marx quote

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